Welcome to the Cloudogu Community!

Welcome to the Cloudogu Community!

We are happy you’ve joined us!

The Cloudogu community is a place to share and discuss everything around Agile, DevOps, GitOps, Security and more. Also, you can get in touch with users of our Cloudogu EcoSystem, SCM-Manager and participants of training courses as well as our partners and other members of the community.

We invite you to ask questions, share your opinion and ask for help. All we ask in return, is that you are respectful, open minded and polite. Feel free to take a look at the guidelines for our community.

Whenever you want to open a new topic, please make sure that there is not already a similar one. Also, please make sure that you post in the right category. You can choose between:

  • Cloudogu EcoSystem: Everything related to our DevOps platform and its Dogus.
  • SCM-Manager: Everything about the source code management tool.
  • Training courses: Everything related to our training courses and webinars. This category is mostly in German, because our courses are currently mostly in German, but feel free to ask questions or make suggestions in English as well.
  • GitOps: Discussions about GitOps.
  • myCloudogu Platform: If you have questions, suggestions or comments on myCloudogu itself, please post them here.

We are looking forward to your thoughts and opinions!

Happy Posting!

The Cloudogu Team