No access with Ubuntu 22.04 using the SSH plugin and authorized keys

Hey community, if you are using the SSH plugin for SCM-Manager with authorized keys, this may no longer work after an update of the client to Ubuntu 22.04 or other recent releases.

Luckily, there is a simple workaround for this. Take a look at the issue description to find out more.


We fixed this issue by upgrading the SSH library. Please update the SCM-Manager SSH Plugin.

Warning: We experienced issues with SSH keys after upgrading the SSH plugin. This is because the default algorithm of the underlying library SSHD was updated from RSA to EC. You will need to update your SSH keys because the host remote key changed. We are currently working on a solution to prevent this automatic algorithm change.

We fixed the problem with the automatic change of the host keys algorithm. We now keep the previous algorithm until it is changed via the SSH config in the UI.

I am closing this topic since there was no activity in the last 30 days.