repositoryDirectory Variable missing in 2.x?

I’m trying to implement SCM-Manager 2.30 on a Rhel system. Previously we’ve always used v1.6. The configuration we’ve used was using repositories on different partitions, and configured git/svn with the “repositoryDirectory” variable in the configuration. This was available from both the web interface as the config/svn.xml and config/git.xml. I can’t find the option to point to a different path in the plugin interface anymore, and setting the option in the XML seems to be ignored. Is there any way to use the repositoryDirectory variable or an alternative option for achieving this?

Hey @stillcantexitvim,

could you look here? Maybe this will help you migrating your repository paths.

Thank you, unfortunately for this server we have repositories but no previous SCM-Manager installed yet, so I cannot call the migration option from fresh install. Is it possible to point symlink the expected git/svn directories to the actual location on the filesystem then?

From that other topic I see the part:

  • The repository folders /opt/git and /opt/svn should be mounted to /var/lib/scm/repositories/git and /var/lib/scm/repositories/svn .

Right now the /var/lib/scm/repositories folder does not exist yet, is that something that gets created or can we point the repositories directory somewhere in a configuration file?

Ah, ok, so you would like to kind of “import” the existing repositories into a fresh SCM-Manager installation. Is it important to keep the location of the repositories? Otherwise you do the following:

  • In your fresh installation, manually create a repository in SCM-Manager for each repository you have on disk.
  • For each such repository you will find a folder <scm-home>/repositories/<some-id>
  • In these folders, you will find further folders, one of them is data. This is the folder with the “native” git, svn or hg repository.
  • Stop SCM-Manager
  • Now you can move the<scm-home>/repositories/<some-id> to wherever you want them to be
  • The new paths have to be set in the <scm-home>/config/repository-paths.xml file (you can use absolute paths starting with a / here)
  • You can replace the files in the data directories with the repository files from your (bare) repositories
  • start SCM-Manager again

Please mind, that this is some manual fiddling, so be careful and don’t try this without a proper backup. Also make sure that SCM-Manager has proper read and write access to the folders. SCM-Manager will run a basic “health check” on the repositories.

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Thank you, this seems to be what I was looking for!

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