SCM-Manager gui upload function suppresses (sub)folders


one question regarding the uploud function in the SCM-Manager gui.
In general, it does a good job just pulling files or a folder with more than one files in it. But in case there is one or more (sub)folders with more files in it, you end up with all files in the same hirarchy and all (sub)folders in the structure are lost.
Sure, there is the option to prepare the folder structur before and fill up one after the other. But as more as folders you´ll have, as more this becomes an anoying task.

May I ask if there is a function inside the gui I missed, or would this maybe something that could be put on the feature list for later versions?

Many thanks and best regards,

Hi Sascha,

thank you for your feedback. Looks like we didn’t intend it to upload a whole file structure.

We will discuss it and give you feedback on whether we will accept your feature request.

Hi Christoph,
many thanks for the swift reply. Looking forward regarding it.

Best regards,