Survey: New Mercurial Features

Hey SCM-Manager community,

Today we want to ask you for your opinion on the next Mercurial features for SCM-Manager. We have a lot of ideas, but what’s first? You may choose the next big features!

Just let us know by doing this short survey or contact us directly!

Eduard Heimbuch
SCM-Manager Team

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I see the survey is closed (I just discovered SCM-Manager a few days ago) but my vote would have been for SCM-Manager to better cope with repositories that have undergone changeset evolution (e.g. the evolve extension).

Did you make any decisions about what Mercurial features you’re going to tackle next?

Hi @lachlang

that’s right - we just closed the survey last week.

Thank you for your input for changeset evolution / evolve extension. We didn’t had it in our survey (we asked for votes for Large files externsion, LFS, GPG commit signing, Pull Request Flow, Bookmarks and Diff Optimization) .
So we are super happy about your input and that you bring something new to our mind.

We will publish the survey results here in the next days. So stay tuned!

Hi @lachlang

you can find the results of the survey here: Results: New Mercurial features survey
So it looks like we will tackle Pull Request Flow and Diff Optimization next.
Next week we will also have a look at your request for changeset evolution and will come back to you.