Next big SCM-Manager feature

Hey community,

we would like to know from you which feature you would like to see next in SCM-Manager!

We have a wide range of ideas:

  • new UI design
  • Repository-Quota-Manager
  • Auto Security Scans with a OWASP ZAP
  • Better GitOps support
  • Audit Log
  • Support Bucket
  • Git Tree visualization

A detailed description of each bullet point is below. At the end of this post is a poll. Please use it to take a vote for your favorite next big feature. You can choose up to three options.

Feel free to start a discussion with us in the comments below!

your next big SCM-Manager Feature:

New UI design

Are you interested in a new UI design? If so we would re-work the complete SCM-Manager experience together with you. Your needs as users and fans of the SCM-Manager will influence the new UI and workflow. Have a say on structures, processes, fonts and even your humble buttons.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions how we can improve or re-work the UI? Please share your thoughts in a post.

If you would love to see and use a new UI please vote for it below


Over the years your team is working on amazing projects and is of course committing a lot of lines of code. During that time your repositories can become really large. Did you run out of space? Have you ever thought about a quota manager?

With a quotas manager you will be able to limit the size of single repositories or you can set the limit for user related repositories. Like one user is not allowed to have more than 10gb space but the number of repositories is unlimited.

If you would love to see the Repository-Quotas-Manager as the next big SCM-Manager feature please give it a vote in the poll.

Auto Security Scans with a OWASP ZAP

The easiest way to improve security and to discover vulnerabilities is to automate their detection.

Our idea is to add auto security scans with OWASP ZAP to scan Jenkins builds. Our goal is to scan web apps for vulnerabilities so that you can easily detect and actively react to issues.

More information about OWASP ZAP

Would you like to have automated security scans for your builds? Please give it a vote on the poll.

Better GitOps Support

Are you interested in better GitOps support?

We are thinking about a deeper integration into ArgoCD to empower your CD cycle. We will define standard workflows for ArgoCD so that you only have to connect your SCM-Manager with ArgoCD to get everything up and running

Do you have ideas or suggestions for an integration of ArgoCD? Or other GitOps tools? Let us know with your post below.

If you would like to have better GitOps Support please give it a vote.

Audit Log

An Audit Log will keep track of changes in your SCM-Manager instance. Like who created a repository, who made changes to a repository configuration, who deleted a repository, who made changes to user and group authorizations and of course when did it happen.

This is clearly a feature for administrators and to fulfill compliance requirements.

Let us know if you want to see an Audit Log in SCM-Manager by voting for it in the poll.

Support Bucket

If you do some research on issues that users posted in our forum you will find out that most times we will ask you to share or to send your log files. With our support plugin LINK you can capture relevant information in a log file and download it to do some investigation. However this takes time and you still have to share it here in public.

This is why we want to bring up the idea of a Support Bucket™️. On your command it will collect relevant information about your SCM-Manager instance and automatically share and upload it to our support system. Of course this is private and only shared with the SCM-Manager team.

Would you like to have an easier and more private way to share your logs? Please vote for the Support Bucket.

Git Tree visualization

As you know we already show you for each repository a commit history. Wouldn’t it be great to get a visualized Git Tree? Who made a commit to the feature branch and merged it into the develop branch? All visualized in an easy to understand graph so that you are always on top of things. Example:

Would you like to see visualized Git Trees in your SCM-Manager commit history please give it a vote in the poll.


next big SCM-Manager feature
  • new UI design
  • Repository-Quota-Manager
  • Auto Security Scans with a OWASP ZAP
  • Better GitOps support
  • Audit Log
  • Support Bucket
  • Git Tree visualization

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Dear Community members @mcote, @lachlang, @pcc2, @girishkg, @fralf, @yeradd12, @igwuborchuks, @christian.pommer, @maxim.serebrennik, @saragani :sun_with_face:
we are continuously trying to improve the SCM-Manager for the users.
To fit your needs as good as possible we would like to ask you about your opinion about upcoming features.
Feel free to vote up to 3 options from the list above! It would really help :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone who took part in the voting!

Actually we have two winners: Audit Log and Git Tree Visualization with the same amount of votes.

Next we will go into conception phase. Stay tuned!

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