How do I checkout a branch using svn command line? I get an error

svn checkout
svn: E170000: URL ‘’ doesn’t exist

but it does exist and I can navigate to it in the browser. I got the url from the browser.

I figured this out. but your link is not correct for checking out on the command line.
The correct link is

Hey Marlene,

thanks for your questions and you already found the answer yourself. :slight_smile:

Currently, we do not provide information about checking out a specific file or directory. It seems that you have confused between protocol and web URLs. You cannot assume that every frontend link will work similarly on your command line. Most of them are SCM-Manager internal routes to display the appropriate pages.

If you need this feature regularly, we can talk about displaying this information on the individual files or folders.

Regards, Eduard

Thanks. I would like to see the command line to checkout any branch in scm-manager on the screen.

Here is an example from another source code repository tool.









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