Repo contact on overview?


is it possible to display the contact of a repository on the overview page?


Hey @m.waller,

currently it is not possible. We try to keep the overview clean and simple. We are currently reworking the Landingpage-Plugin to make the repository overview configurable. Maybe we could also add one config option to show the contact in each repository entry.

Could you describe your usecase to us?

Thanks, Eduard


usecase is maybe a little too much :wink:
We are currently using hgweb and in hgweb the contact is displayed in a column.
The first question from a colleague was, after I showed him the SCM manager, can the contact be shown in the overview?
It’s not a killer feature, it would be nice to have.


Hi Matthias,

it’s not so long that we boiled down the overview due to user requests :laughing:

Maybe it’s time for a “Rich Overview Plugin” or something like this :wink: Or we can handle this with a tooltip? But I have to be honest: I don’t think that we will touch this very soon again, though we will keep your request in our minds (or maybe we will hear this more often, this will rise in priority).

We love to get feedback, so please don’t feel repelled and feel free to issue further ideas.


Hey Matthias,

just wanted to point out that we implemented your suggestion to show the repository contact on the overview. It should be included in our next release.

Regards, Eduard